jeudi 3 mars 2022

French classes for expats or news businesses

 French lessons for expats / New businesses adapted to your objectives and needs.

  •      You have decided to open a new business in the Loire valley or you've just joined a company in our beautiful region?

  •      You want to communicate rapidly and easily in French with your colleagues or clients?

    You might need some help to feel confortable in French in some specific situations.
    Alacarte Formations offers flexible and adapted French programs. Specialised in tailor-made courses, we will help you to maximize your professionnals skills and feel confortable in everyday life.

    Some topics (always adapted to your situation) :

        - Prononciation and Reading
        - The 12 French key verbs for communication
        - Presentations in French
        - General basic Grammar
        - Oral practise
        - Work on questions & answers
        - Basic General vocabulary
        - Daily Life vocabulary
        - Survival French
        - Professionnal French
        - Written expression (e-mail, professional mail, ....)

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    5-day Programs                                10-day Programs
    some examples
    20h-program = 4h/day                      40h-program = 4h/day 
    25h-program = 5h/day                      50h-program = 5h/day 
    30h-program = 6h/day                   60h -program = 6h/day 

    Flexible schedules, number of hours adapted to your needs.

    Programs available for 1 person  and to small groups of 2, 3 or 4 persons.